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We know that a root canal procedure isnít often the most welcomed experience. Dr Abdennour does everything possible to make this procedure a comfortable experience. 


Dr. Abdennour has now added to his equipment a LED light assisted microscope, Labomed Prima. The use of this microscope provides a very highly magnified and illuminated field.


Used in medicine for years, the dental microscope has become an invaluable tool when performing endodontic (root canal) treatment and it is the standard of care in endodontics.

Also, the dental microscope is used to find cracks and detect any defects on your teeth before any major problems develop.

The use of the dental microscope, provides great magnification capabilities, better access to detect small details with great precision, ensuring that the anatomy of the tooth is more readily inspected. This greatly enhances the abilities to locate extra root canals inside your tooth.

As a result, you will benefit by having a quicker and a more efficient procedure expecting an even higher success rate.